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NT Support Kids

NT Support Kids

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How will this product help?

This formula is designed to address this entire imbalance pattern with just one product. For children, taking just one product means better compliance and better results. Some patients have even referred to this product as their scoliosis multivitamin.

How does this product work and affect scoliosis?

Neurotransmitters are uniquely involved in scoliosis. These purposes include regulating long-term muscle memory, pain perception, and mental wellness/calmness. People with scoliosis often have abnormal levels of specific neurotransmitters that negatively affect muscle memory, pain, and outlook. Re-balancing these neurotransmitters may be important in improving the outcomes of scoliosis-specific exercise programs.


  • Scoliosis-specific original formulation
  • Based on groundbreaking research linking abnormal neurotransmitter levels to scoliosis
  • A custom blend of ingredients to target neurotransmitter imbalances unique to scoliosis
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