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Histamine Support (formerly HistaHelper)

Histamine Support (formerly HistaHelper)

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How will this product help?

Histamine Support is a highly efficient natural approach to the moderation of histamine imbalances linked to scoliosis.

How does this product work and affect scoliosis?

Histamine Support incorporates bioflavonoids, micronutrients, proteolytic enzymes, and herbs into a comprehensive formula that provides multifaceted support for scoliosis patients with histamine imbalances. Dihydroquercetin (DHQ), a key component that inhibits oxidation, is bioactive, and is highly absorbable. It also supports the body’s regulating function in addressing an improper histamine response that can affect the uptake of the body’s primary postural control neurotransmitters.


  • Support for Seasonal Environmental Challenges
  • Contains Vitamin C to provide protection from damaging free radicals, and the synthesis of neurotransmitters. Vitamin C also plays a lesser-known role in the deactivation of histamine1
  • DHQ helps to limit pro-inflammatory metabolic reactions
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