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How will this product help?

Vitamin K2 is central to the metabolism of calcium and vitamin D3 is a necessary part of maintaining normal bone health.  This product is formulated to nutritionally support healthy bone density, increase skeletal strength, and improve bone remodeling, all of which may be important factors in the prevention of age-related scoliosis progression.

How does this product work and affect scoliosis? 

Among the dietary factors critical to bone health, vitamin K has emerged as a key player. Vitamin K is believed to be necessary for bone mineralization. Vitamin K2 may protect bone integrity by reducing osteoclast activity.  Studies have demonstrated a significant beneficial effect of vitamin K supplementation on bone health.  Vitamin K and vitamin D share some similar characteristics and are believed to act synergistically.


  • Convenient combination powerhouse formula to improve and support bone health
  • Contains vitamin K2, which has shown significant benefits on the cardiovascular system1
  • Vitamin K2 stays in the body longer than food-based sources of vitamin K1
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